Do you believe in reincarnation?

If you're like most people, either you reject the idea outright or don't know enough about it to make an informed decision. If you're already convinced it's nonsense or, at best, nothing more than a collection of anecdotal stories told by highly suggestible people, I'm afraid this section won't have much to say to you. If lack that degree of certainty, however, and are open to considering the possibility that you might have lived before, these articles could be for you.

As always, I will try to be as objective in presenting this material as possible and leave it to the reader to determine if my efforts at providing a balanced treatment of the pros and cons around this subject are successful. The material contained here is taken from my book Mystery of Reincarnation (Llewellyn International, May, 2005) and is copyrighted. As always, I value your input to this complex issue and welcome all correspondence (just click on the e-mail me button on the left if you want to send me your thoughts and questions. I promise to do my best to return all honest queries and respond to any constructive criticism.)

FEATURED ARTICLES (All articles are copyrighted and the sole property of the author)

In any case, these issues, along with the mechanics of how reincarnation may operate and the problems most consistently raised against the idea are explored in greater depth in my book. I encourage you to get it and judge for yourself if reincarnation is fantasy or fact, and whether it has anything to say to you individually. Good luck in your quest!

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